Use Bitcoin for all your Backpage sex trafficking and get a 10% discount


Backpage is always touting about how they have all these safeguards in place to stop human traffickers and pimps from posting obviously criminal ads for prostitution and child prostitution on their site. Yet they accept payment for ads from such untraceable sources like pre-paid credit cards and Bitcoin.

For those of you who may not know Bitcoin is what’s known as a cryptocurrency, a decentralized form of digital payment. Bitcoin’s main attraction is that it;’s supposed to be untraceable which makes it a favorite form of payment for various online criminal activities, most infamously the former online black market known as Silk Road.

Now I knew that Backpage accepted Bitcoin but I didn’t know it was their preferred form of payment for its ‘adult’ ads. While reading this article from the Rutland Herald about how sex trafficking of women and children happens even in rural Vermont I came across this quote about Backpage…

Also, backpage accepts prepaid credit cards and bitcoin payments because they are untraceable. Backpage offers a 10 percent discount for bitcoin payments.

If Backpage is so concerned about the problem of sex trafficking why are they encouraging the use of a supposedly untraceable form of payment? Simple, all they really care about is making as much money as they can from the prostitution ads where too many women and girls are forced into sexual slavery by their traffickers and pimps. If Backpage really cared about their victims they would shut down their adult ad section. They just can’t walk away from the millions of dollars they make off of the modern-day slave trade.

UPDATE: Bitcoin is now the only form of payment for Backpage as the major credit card companies have cut all ties with them.

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  • Human trafficking is HUGE. In every state, urban, suburban and rural communities. People need to take their heads out of the sand, and realize this.

  • You do realize that anonymous payment methods are really important for sex workers, right? Because our work is criminalized, we face arrest and worse if our sex work is linked to our legal identities. Prepaid cards paid for in cash have been a godsend for me.

    • Thank you for your comment Chelsea, however while you may be an ‘independent’ worker there are way too many women and children who are being trafficked on Backpage against their will. Considering that Backpage touts itself as actually combating sex trafficking they do make it remarkably easy for traffickers and pimps to turn out their victims on their site.

      Also let me make one thing clear. I don’t believe prostitutes should be arrested as in most cases they are victims themselves. Instead law enforcement should be more focused on arresting johns and pimps.

      • Shutting down communication media will not stop sex trafficking.
        It should not be illegal for a 60 year old man to go on the internet to hook up
        with a 40 year old woman and pay her for sex. If sex work is legal among consenting adults the illegal sex slave trade demand will be lessened. People who participate in sex work legally can be “eyes” to report to the authorities the illegal activity.

        • If sex work is legal among consenting adults the illegal sex slave trade demand will be lessened.

          This is a falsehood. Prostitution is legal in most parts of Nevada yet there is still prostitution and trafficking in the places that it isn’t like Las Vegas. The same for the Amsterdam. While they may have a red light district they also have trafficked sex workers in illegal areas of the city. Legalization only legitimizes the pimps and traffickers.

          • Nevada style prostitution is abusive and demeaning to
            women. NOT a model to duplicate. Las Vegas is like sin city to the tourist and
            attracts sex trafficking and as you point out prostitution is illegal there. Do you not see value in people who participate
            in sex work legally being “eyes” to report to the authorities the illegal activities?

          • Prostitution is illegal in all states except nevada and there are still trafficking problems, keeping it illegal doesn’t work.

          • I could also argue that legalizing it doesn’t help since in places where it is legal, like Amsterdam, still have a ton of human trafficking.

      • To be honest I’ve been on back page and I don’t see too many traffic hit people I see mainly independent girls. I mean have you set there and seen firsthand for yourself , if you did you probably would have never made this ignorant comment

  • On Bitcoins, they aren’t really untraceable for a number of reasons. First an foremost, anytime an entity “sends” coins to another address the originating IP address for the transaction is caught by the blockchain. That means that, if a person sends the transaction from their home network, that IP address is publicly accessible. The destination remains anonymous, until they in turn send the coins to another address. The usual mitigations apply (VPN, public wi-fi, 3rd party wallet hosts) so it’s not a bulletproof way to identify a sender but it’s not fully anonymous, either.
    Second, there’s ‘taint’ which is a concept specific to bitcoin. Say for example, the funds originate from a block cracked by deepbit, the resultant coins are tainted by deepbit, because they have the direct association with deepbit’s wallet. If the coins were sent to Silk Road’s escrow, back when it was around, and the escrow releases the coins to a recipient, then the coins are primarily tainted by Silk Road’s wallet, and the taint from deepbit’s wallet is still present but less predominant than Silk Road’s wallet. You can probably guess why “having coins tainted by Silk Road” would be an issue. This is where so called washing or mixing services come in, they churn a volume of several user’s coins through a number of transactions and then back a similar amount (of varied origin, less a washing ‘fee’) so that the taint is scrambled, and no longer useful. We now know from the Silk Road trial that the government basically had no clue about this aspect until they started digging into Ross Ulbrict, so all the mixing to hide the origin of dirty coins was probably pointless. BTC users are a paranoid lot.

  • This initiative was taken up by an American in law enforcement. So as a Canadian where prostitution is Legal..I resent the intrusion and I resent having to hunt down a bit coin dealer in order to post my ad and get my WORK done. More if Mastercard was so concerned about human trafficking then they should have considered an arrangement with back pages to have $1.oo from every adult posting being donated to law enforcement specifically for human trafficking. I can’t think of one woman that wouldn’t support that. Lastly law enforcement seems to be unaware that most human trafficking takes place in massage parlours and that it isn’t uncommon to see little girls in the nail salons with handlers…and not on the back pages at all.

    • Craigslist tried something along those lines where they tried to donate money to human trafficking resource groups and none of the groups would take the money.

      I’m sorry that you’ve been inconvenienced but sometimes the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Even in markets where prostitution is legal human trafficking and child prostitution still exist.

  • I am a sex worker, I am in it by my own free will. I dont have a pimp, I dont do drugs, and (gasp) I actually LOVE my work. Yes trafficking happens, there should never be minors involved nor pimps, but punishing adult sex workers who are in it by there own free will DOESNT work, and im quite frankly fed up with people thinking ALL sex workers are trafficked damsels in distress, while it happens, its not everyone, its bs propaganda to make the police departments look good (whom often treat us like we are lower than an ant). My clients are fantastic, and not a single one of them are interested in minors nor women who are forced. They tip me generously, give me gifts, and just become all around great friends and I consider many of them my family. Except for one who has a bit of a sadistic streak and gets off on hurting women, and guess what he does? (Drum roll please), hes a POLICE OFFICER. Yep u heard me right, I have to see him once a week for free (sometimes twice) to avoid arrest, and I have to be ready at the drop of a hat, often having to cancel on other clients (they know the situation and understand), I consider it a small price to pay to get my fucking work done. If this were legalized, this nonsense would stop IMMEDIATELY. In other words, no children were saved during the course of my being raped by one of your heroic police officers “putting a stop to trafficking”

    • I’m curious to know how you got into the business and what keeps you there?

      • How I got into it, I honestly dont have some profound deep story, I tried an escort agency, enjoyed the work, learned the ropes then went independent. As for what keeps me in it, before I answer let me just say that this job is NOT for everyone, and no one should be forced into it whether it be by a pimp or a crappy economy.

        I know it seems contradictory to my fieldbut im kindve an introvert, I work much better one on one with people (I only see one client or occasionally a duo couple at a time), as opposed to large groups or being in an office. I wont lie I love the money and flexible schedule, I am my own boss and make my own hours, I work when I want and take off when I want. I make fantastic money and will be able to retire early (I save til it hurts, then I save some more).
        I love to travel, I work in different cities, the down side being im the only one of my friends who can afford to travel lol.

        And believe it or not, I LOVE sex! I have a very high sex drive. I also love that this job keeps me motivated to eat healthy and workout regularly (as my appearance is an essential part of my job). While there are BBW lovers out there, if I started letting myself go and gaining weight id lose clients. I worked my hide off to get and stay in shape, and its great to see the fruits of my labor. Also sorry to say im incredibly vain, and love men coming in and telling me how hot and gorgeous I am, I get ego boosts whenever I work. I was also a sociology major in college, and getting to know and see the different demographics of my clientele is all the more interesting to me.

        I hope I answered your questions.

        • And incase ur curious, I had to have a hysterectomy (uterine cancer), so sex wise I was out of commission for six weeks, but had to spend a few nights in the hospital (a client whom I knew and trusted took care of my cats for me so they wouldn’t have to be boarded), he and the others visited me, brought me flowers, and two helped care for me when I got home. Not expecting sexual or any other favors in return.

          The cop in the other hand said and I quote (he knew I couldn’t have sex for 6 weeks per doctors orders) “no problem, ur ass and mouth still work.” I don’t do anal for my regular clients cuz I hate it and it hurts, but unfortunately the cop likes it.

          • Let me pose another question if I may. If you were not in sex work what do you think you would be doing for income?

          • Id probably do either webcamming or work as a phone actress, but if you mean no sex work at all, id like to work with battered women in a ywca or similar sort of shelter.

            This is a volunteer position, but if I someday won the lottery id like to volunteer for and be one of their decoys that poses as minors in chatrooms to catch pedophiles.

          • Now allow me to pose a question to you, if these girls are all victims, explain to me why its appropriate for a VICTIM to go to jail and have a criminal record?

          • I never said it was. I believe that law enforcement efforts should focus more on the pimps and especially the johns. Make the reward not worth the risk.

          • While legalizing prostitution (or atleast implementing the Nordic model) wouldnt resolve all the woes of the industry, it WOULD stop rogue cops from blackmailing sex workers into free sessions, and it would stop victims from getting incarcerated, 100 percent.

            I think we all agree that involving minors and pimps are wrong, and no one should be forced against their will, may I ask what you think is wrong with two CONSENTING adults engaging in a mutually beneficial transaction in their private home or hotel room?

          • Because prostitution tends to attract other illicit activities such as drugs and organized crime whether it’s legal or not.

          • I can assure u that no crime (besides prostitution lol) has resulted from my working, but assuming your theory is true, why not just implement the nordic model so victims dont have to go to jail and have criminal records?

            Btw, I don’t do drugs, and many if my guys say if they see a girl with “trackmarks” on her arms they walk rright out

            Legalizing wont make everything perfect, but it WILL improve the conditions for sex workers, and stop rogue cops from getting freebies and they’ll have to find someone else to bully &amp push around, if u dont think cops bully us around, check out the “coco the clown prostitution sting” on YouTube

            Cops dont want it legalized cuz then theyll have to pay for it

          • YAAAS — please teach these people Ms. Sandy. I am a anti trafficker believer. I aid people in the sex work industry that are FORCED. What you say is absolutely true.

    • Blackmail that police officer find out where he lives and who his wife is find out information about him and blackmail him that way you don’t have to continue to see him. He needs to have proof that what you are doing.

      • That may be the stupidest comment ever made on this site. There’s no possible way that plan could go sideways. I don’t mind opposing viewpoints but you’re banned for suggesting something so dangerously stupid.

      • Something like this would get someone killed. Cops are especially dangerous. They have a “I’m the authority around here” mentality. If anything, report him to the police but if most of them are also corrupt they would probably arrest her for admitting to prostitution and just place the cop “under investigation”. Never rely on blackmail. Blackmail is a dangerous game that shouldn’t be played.

  • Here is a previous post I made about what I believe: This is so stupid. To fight illegal sex trafficking they disconnect themselves from backpage, eliminating the use of debit and credit cards, both of which are easier to track than bitcoins. If people were really concerned about sex trafficking and the safety of escorts, they’d legalize prostitution, have legal brothels, and regulate the whole thing. But that wouldn’t be “righteous” or “ethical”. Prostitution is soooooo bad. Give me a break. A girl needs money, decides to have sex, and gets paid. Sounds like porn except for easier. If it was legalized, regulated, and taxed I don’t see who wouldn’t benefit from that except for the sex traffickers and old stuck up women that don’t want to please their husbands. A legal brothel could provide security, mandatory std checks every few weeks, a location for police to monitor, and a way to document everyone coming in. It could work like a hotel. The clients coming in would have to provide id and pay using a credit/debit card. They would choose who they wanted to see through a screen that updated depending on who was available, they’d pay for that escort, the brothel would transfer 80-90% of the money keeping 10-20% and the client would be directed to a room. This way the escorts have most of the business handled for them and they have a place to stay or just work without having to pay $80 a night for a hotel room. This would dramatically reduce the need for places like backpage and eliminate the need for pimps and middlemen. There would also be designated drivers/security that can allow outcalls and girls without vehicles to get to and from work.

    • This is lisa sandy, sorry it took me so long to respond.

      Its gotten to be unbearable with this cop, I went to a lawyer for advice. The lawyer was very nice, and he said if I wanted to fight this I could set up camera surveillance in my apartment to collect evidence. He knows most of the cops and says they are very corrupt. He says I could possibly fight this without prosecution with video evidence, however media attention will most likely happen and I will probably suffer police harassment out of retaliation, and hes 99 percent sure they will set up surveillance outside my apt making it impossible to work.

      He said “thats the advice I can give u as an attorney, if you were my little sister and wanted to keep your life intact as much as possible, id advise you to move to a different state.” He said if I do this to get a PO box and list that address with the dmv. I appreciate his brutal honesty. Im actually not too far away from the border of the neighboring state. My lease is up in 3 months, im not going to renew my lease even though I really love this apartment. I asked the lawyer what I should tell the cop as he may get suspicious seeing moving boxes he said to pick another complex in the area and tell him im moving there. Saw cop yesterday and let him know im moving to a complex on the other side of town, worked like a charm he bought it, however im really moving out of state the next one over and will get a PO box as my address for when I register my vehicle at the dmv.

      Also the lawyer is friends with one of the managers at a nevada brothel and with my permission passed along my info, the manager was simultaneously touched and disgusted at my story (and said other girls who work there have had similar experiences with police), and offered me a position. Without revealing my location, lets just say im not exactly around the corner from Nevada, so ill fly out there work for two weeks then be off for two weeks. The traveling is a pain but like I said im reaching my limit on how much rape I can tolerate. But im waiting until im moved so cop doesn’t get suspicious. When home I will continue to see most of my regulars as im not too far away from the border of my neighboring state that im moving to.

      Wish me luck.

      • I’m sorry to hear that but it doesn’t surprise me. Police are able to get away with too much in this country. They are allowed to regulate themselves and have become the most notorious public figures I can think of. What’s worse is that most people are aware of how corrupt police are yet there hasn’t been a call for reform. If the cop knows your real name and info I would cover all of your bases and change phones, computers, vehicles, email accounts, and social media pages such as Facebook. I would even go as far as to change your name. I would treat that police officer as a stalker of the worse kind because he has all the resources necessary to track you, if he is allowed. If he is very determined and that police force is very corrupt, he can even pull your phone records and piece together where you might have gone. I hate how one idiot can ruin a good thing. Now all of your regulars have to suffer because of this dumb cop. If only there was a way to get him jailed. This is the type of stuff feminists should be addressing. Police are one of the biggest threats to sex workers. Not for fear of getting arrested but as you painfully stated, they are likely to use their position to rape or coerce sex. It’s disgusting that people think a person is heroic just because they are a police officer. The job doesn’t make the person. I wish you luck and hope you can live peacefully.

        • Yeah unfortunately ive often had to cancel last minute on my regulars cuz the cop wanted to meet, as he threatened to come and arrest both me and my client if I dont accommodate, my clients know the situation and are always prepared that I might have to cancel.

          He doesn’t just come for regular sex tho, if thats all it was I mightve been able to tolerate it. He likes to choke me, slap my face, fist me, do anal sex (I dont do that with my clients cuz I find it to be painful but my rescuer insists so I must oblige), hes even urinated on me. Hes also decided he doesn’t want to have to use a condom anymore so told me to get tested (which I do anyway) and bring him proof of a clean result, that was my breaking point to go to lawyer.

          • The lawyer has given you honest advice and the best option in my opinion, but even so, it might be worth it to seek legal action. The guy is obviously a scumbag and something needs to be done about him. Maybe you can reach out to some support groups or something. Maybe even a different police department. It’s technically not illegal to be a companion, so the cop really has nothing to arrest you for that will stick. Your character will be brought into question because of your companion services but even so, having a public allegation on his record could help convict him in a future case. As the lawyer stated, with video evidence it is even possible that the cop can get convicted from your case, though I would never advise that someone allow themselves to be raped for the sake of evidence. Especially evidence that isn’t guaranteed to be convincing. It’s a tough call but I support any decision you make to get out of that situation. It shouldn’t be the people’s problem to handle an out of control cop.

          • Even if the charges dont stick, ive worked out of my apartment, if im arrested the apartment will find out and I can get evicted. I know im moving out but it’ll be hard to rent if I have an eviction on my record.

            Ive managed to stall him with the bare sex, I told him one of my clients pulled off the condom while I wasn’t looking (not true), and that hiv tests take 3-6 months to be definitive, he said thats fine he can wait. But I’ll be gone by then :).

  • Now that I think about it, I have more respect for the religious fanatics and soccer moms than I do the “rescuers,” because while they hate sex workers atleast their honest about it, “rescuers” pretend to want to help us all while trying to sabotage our careers and take away our rights. Im sorry but anyone who tries to take away or prevent you from gett rights is NOT your friend, wake up people! Its not about helping us at all, its about CONTROL. If they wanted to help us, they’d give us our rights, end of story!

    • You may not have a pimp but it sounds a lot like someone is controlling you.

      I’m banning you before someone actually believes you that prostitution is a viable lifestyle for those who are in need of money.

  • Also might I mention trafficking is not unique to sex work, it happens in farm and factory work as well, should we ban those lines of work too?

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