2nd arrest made in Va. LetGo murder

2nd arrest made in Va. LetGo murder
James McLaughlin III

Back in April, 16-year-old Jamaa Khalik Scott of Richmond, Virginia, was shot and killed after meeting someone through classifieds app LetGo. Scott was planning on stealing the phone being sold by grabbing it and running. Instead he was shot and killed by the seller who drove off.

Late in August, 20-year-old Roger Craig Brown III, of Chesterfield County, was arrested and charged with Scott’s murder. Now, a second arrest has been made. 20-year-old James McLaughlin III, of Chesterfield, has also been charged in connection with Scott’s murder.

Police are still being quiet about how the suspects are connected to the murder and which man allegedly pulled the trigger.

As I said before, it’s one thing to defend yourself during a robbery, it’s another to shoot a 16-year-old boy over a cell phone then flee the scene.

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