Father of 7 killed during OfferUp robbery

Father of 7 killed during OfferUp robbery
Courtney Sherman

In late April, 43-year-old father of seven Trinidad Bueno-Sanchez, also known as Javier Bueno, was killed during an OfferUp transaction that turned deadly. Mr. Bueno-Sanchez met a group of teens in a supermarket parking lot in Round Lake Beach, Illinois, to sell a cell phone to the teens. Instead the teens handed him only a few dollars and when Mr. Bueno-Sanchez leaned into the car to discuss the money the teens took off dragging their victim behind them. Sadly, Mr. Bueno-Sanchez fell and struck his head against the pavement. He died from his injuries three days later.

One of the teens, 18-year-old Courtney Sherman, pleaded guilty back in October, to reckless homicide. Sentencing was supposed to have happened by now, but I haven’t found any article about the sentencing.

There is still a GoFundMe for Mr. Bueno-Sanchez’s family.

Apps like OfferUp may be new and shiny but it hasn’t taken them long to be infiltrated by criminals. They are just as dangerous as craigslist.

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