In February of 2006, I started a website called MyCrimeSpace because of all the crime that was happening through social media. Back then, I included craigslist in that site because at the time it was considered by some as to be one of the first social networks since it started out as a small Bay Area mailing list.

As craigslist grew, the amount of crime being committed on it was outnumbering crimes being committed on MySpace, so later that year I spun the craigslist stories off into its own site called craigscrimelist. As sites like Backpage became more prevalent in crime news I folded craigscrimelist into one of my other sites in 2011.

Now with Backpage ever being in the forefront of news and apps like LetGo and OfferUp starting to feel the same pinch, I decided to spin-off these stories again, however, I wanted the title to include all of these sites and apps so I decided to call it Crime Classified.

(Trench Reynolds is a 17-year independent crime, news and opinion blogger from Topeka, Kansas, who has been featured in TIME and Rolling Stone and has appeared on CNN’s AC 360 and CBS’ 48 Hours. He is assisted in his work by editor and proofreader Lady Gray.)